Innon Oy is involved with product development, testing and commercialization.


The WING™ boot support is the company’s first commercialized innovation which Innon Oy brought to the international skiing market in 2018 – 19. The product is being diversified further, and it will be developed into a universal product, which will change the general understanding of cross-country bindings.


Innon Oy uses subcontractors e.g. for patenting, testing, design, marketing and manufacturing. So far, Innon Oy has been working only with its own product ideas.


New for the 2019-20 season is an IFP adapter. This helps the Wing attach to the newest ski models from Rossignol and Fischer.



Innon Oy owns the design protection of the boot support and the WING™ trademark. Innon Oy will also acquire all future patent rights of the boot support.


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