Terms of Agreement and Delivery


The Wing Ski website is administered by Innon Oy.
Innon Sport is an official auxiliary company name of Innon Oy (Business ID 2801937-9).


Customer service
Telephone: +358 10 339 8180 (weekdays at 9-15)
E-mail: info@wing-ski.fi


Postal address
Innon Oy

Kidekatu 15
70840 Kuopio

  1. Orders


No registration is necessary for placing an order at the Wing Ski website.


1.1 When placing an order, customers must always provide the following information:

a) Consumer customers: name, address, e-mail address, postal address and telephone number(s).

b) Corporate customers: company, contact person, e-mail address, postal address, business ID and telephone number(s).


1.2 In connection with each order, the customer is committed to following the valid terms of agreement, order, and delivery.


1.3 Innon Oy’s customer register is confidential and Innon Oy is entitled to use it as provided under the Consumer Protection Act.


1.4 Correspondence between the parties is carried out by e-mail or telephone. Customers are committed to observing their e-mail after placing an order. The contact information of Innon Oy is included in these terms of agreement and delivery.


1.5 A binding commercial agreement will enter into force when Innon Oy has processed and approved the order placed by a customer.


1.6 We reserve the right to limit the sales of products in large batches due to issues such as poor availability.


1.7 Innon Oy’s liability for poor availability of a product, restrictions by the authorities or on imports, or other reason for failure to deliver an order is limited to the rescission of the transaction and the possible return of money paid in advance.


1.8 All products of Innon Oy available for purchase are sold in their present condition. Customers are advised to familiarise themselves carefully with the product information on our website.


1.9 Innon Oy grants a 14-day right to return goods only to products sold to Finland that are unused and of marketable quality. The customer is liable to pay any costs resulting from the return. A receipt from purchase, report of the defect, and the customer’s contact information must be included in the return parcel.


1.10 In case of an obvious product or price defect, Innon Oy may invoke an error, for instance, if the error is so evident that the customer should have been able to recognise it as one.


1.11 Innon Oy reserves the right to select its customers.

  1. Prices


2.1 The product prices are inclusive of value-added tax to EU counties but they do not include delivery charges.


2.2 Delivery charges are fixed and determined in connection with order confirmation depending on the delivery method. We reserve the right to change the delivery rates.


2.3 The customer is sold the product with the currently valid price.


2.4 Special offers, discount sales and other exceptional prices will be indicated in the online shop. Innon Oy is entitled to change the prices at any given time without a separate notification. Any possible price reductions or increases will only apply to orders placed after these changes.


2.5 The product information of all of our products is displayed on our website.


2.6 In case of a clear price error, Innon Oy may invoke an error. This applies to cases such as those concerning such an obvious error that the customer should have understood that the information was incorrect.

  1. Shipping and delivery


3.1 On average, Innon Oy will deliver its products to customers in Finland within 2–5 business days unless otherwise stated. We aim to inform customers if the processing will take more than 8 days. The delivery times for special orders and shipping outside Finland are longer. The delivery times for pre-ordered products are also naturally longer.


3.2 Goods are shipped using the services of Posti Finland to both within and outside Finland. Posti Finland is responsible for the time it takes to deliver the item. For estimated shipping times, see the Posti Finland website (posti.fi).


3.3 Innon Oy is responsible for damage or loss caused during the shipping and delivery of goods from Innon Oy to consumer customers. For products sold to consumers, Innon Oy is liable for any damage of goods during shipping and delivery. For products shipped from corporate customers to Innon Oy, the customer or transport company is liable for any damage or loss of goods during shipping and delivery.


3.4 If a customer receives an item damaged during shipping, the customer must file a claim with the transport company and Innon Oy within five (5) days since the receiving the product.


3.5 In case of poor availability of an individual item, Innon Oy is not under any obligation to reserve other items included in a customer’s order. We require that the items included in the customer’s order immediately available at the company be delivered to the consumer within three weeks from the date of placing an order and that the customer accept a later delivery of a poorly available product or the cancellation of the order of said product.


3.6 Innon Oy does not guarantee that each product will be available at any given time.


3.7 Shipments with large volume or weight are delivered separately using a separately agreed shipping method. Please directly contact Innon Oy’s customer service at info@wing-ski.com.


3.8 Specific shipping zones may be subject to a separate additional charge. If you would like to check whether your area is subject to special charges, please contact our customer service at info@wing-ski.com.


3.9 We deliver our products to the following countries: Austria, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Russia, Sweden, and Switzerland. When selling and shipping products outside the EU, the recipient of the product is responsible for local taxes, import clearance and other such payments.

  1. Payment terms


4.1 The following methods of payment may be used: The online banking service of Aktia, Danske Bank, Handelsbanken, Nordea, Oma Säästöpankki, Osuuspankki, POP Pankki, Savings Bank, S-Bank and Ålandsbanken, Visa and Mastercard credit cards, and Pivo, MobilePay and Masterpass mobile payments, and PayPal.


4.2. Payments are made through the Checkout Finland Oy payment service company.

When you pay for your orders using the methods of payment offered by Checkout Finland Oy (Business ID 2196606-6), Innon Oy acts as the marketer of products and services, delivers the products to the buyer and processes claims where necessary.

The Checkout payment transfer service will transmit your payment to Innon Oy. If you can see the name of Checkout Finland Oy on your bank statement or credit card bill, your payment has been forwarded to Innon Oy.

In case of a claim concerning billing, please directly contact Checkout Oy’s customer service at:
asiakaspalvelu@checkout.fi or
+358 (0)800 552 010 (€ 0.00/min+local network rate)
Mon–Sun at 6–23 (GMT+2) (exclusive of Finland’s bank holidays)


4.2.1 Online banks – Finland

As part of the payment methods provided by Checkout Oy, you will have access to the payment buttons of all Finnish banks. You can use the payment buttons of Aktia, Danske Bank, Handelsbanken, Nordea, Oma Säästöpankki, Osuuspankki, POP Pankki, Savings Bank, S-Bank and Ålandsbanken to pay for your orders.


4.2.2 Credit card payments

Checkout Oy allows you to make credit card payments. You can use the Visa, Visa Debit, Visa Electron, MasterCard and Debit MasterCard cards to pay for orders in our online shop. The online shop uses the international Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode verification services.

The name ‘Checkout Oy’ will appear on your credit card bill as the recipient of the payment. The company will transfer customers’ credit and debit card payments directly to Innon Oy. Card payments are made securely using a protected payment form, and no data on your credit card will be stored in the systems used by the online shop.


4.2.3 PayPal

For information on using PayPal for payments, see www.paypal.com.

  1. The right to return goods within 14 days is only valid in Finland


5.1 Our customers have a 14-day right to return or exchange goods in Finland. This right starts the moment you pick up a parcel sent by post or an order pick-up (including weekends and bank holidays, excluding the date of pick up). You must return or exchange the product at the latest on the weekday following the 14th day; in other words, if the 14th day is a Saturday, the final day you may mail the item is the following Monday. For example, if a customer has ordered the products on 1 December and received them on 11 December, the final day for returning the item is 26 December. As this is a bank holiday, the parcel must be returned on 27 December at the latest.


5.2 The right to return goods of the online shop only applies to unused and marketable products. Please check that the product and packaging is in perfect condition. Before the expiry of the period for returning and exchanging goods, consumers have the right to familiarise themselves with the product and try it similarly as when purchasing the item from an offline retailer. Consumers are also entitled to open product packaging to examine and try the product without losing their right of withdrawal. However, they may not actually use the product.


5.3 The right to return goods never applies to used products.


5.4 The products delivered to corporate customers are not subject to the right to return goods or the right to cancel an order.


5.5 The consumer is personally responsible for the costs incurred for the return of goods. A receipt from purchase, report of the defect, and the customer’s contact information must be included in the return parcel.


5.6 Customers are liable for verifying the date on which the package has been picked up, for instance, with a receipt from the post office. The date on which the package has been claimed or picked up from a delivery company is considered the date of purchase or pick-up. The receipt obtained from the transport company is the primary document, and the original purchase receipt is the secondary document, for verifying the date of purchase.


5.7 If, under special circumstances, Innon Oy accepts the return of an unmarketable or defective product or a product returned after the expiry of the period for returning items, Innon Oy will in any case charge from the customer at least 25% of the price of the product to cover its costs.


5.8 Criteria for an acceptable product return:

a) The product is in its original packaging (properly packaged) without any extra markings or imprints.

b) A copy of receipt / shipping note is included.

c) The item is returned at the latest 14 days since the date of purchase.


5.9 We will not reclaim unpaid parcels. The person returning the item is responsible for paying delivery charges.


5.10 Innon Oy does not accept returned items that have been poorly packaged (e.g. a fragile item that has been shipped without providing appropriate cushioning).


5.11 The right to return goods applies separately to each item; a delay in the delivery of another product does not entitle the customer to a longer period for returning an item.


5.12 The right to return goods does not apply to products shipped outside Finland.

  1. Warranty and defective goods


6.1 In accordance with Chapter 5 of the Consumer Protection Act, all products are subject to the liability for defects.


6.2 A warranty is an additional commitment voluntarily provided by the seller or a previous level in the supply chain. The party giving the warranty is responsible for ensuring that the product will work as intended for the given fixed period. The products of Innon Oy have a six-month warranty beginning on the date of purchase.


6.3 Innon Oy is only liable for the warranty it has granted. The company will always renounce the longer warranties provided by manufacturers. The warranty period offered by Innon Oy is stated on the purchase receipt.


6.4 All items returned under warranty will be tested. In order for the warranty to apply, the product’s use must have complied with the manufacturer’s recommendations and instructions. Innon Oy may be released from the warranty liability if it is detected with high probability that the decline in the product’s quality or the breaking of the product has been caused by an accident, incorrect use of the product, or some other factor related to the purchaser that implies that the product has been used in a manner other than that for which it was designed. Similarly, if it is later detected, for example by the manufacturer, that the item has broken as a result of the customer’s neglect, Innon Oy is entitled to charge the costs of repairing the item from the customer.


6.5 The warranty does not cover any inappropriate use of the product. Making changes to the product or repairing it independently will always result in the expiry of the warranty.


6.6 If the product has broken as a result of the reasons described in sections 6.4 or 6.5, the returned item will be returned to the customer and the valid processing fee and delivery costs will be charged from the customer.


6.7 In accordance with the Finnish Consumer Protection Act, buyers must notify the party granting the warranty of a defect within a reasonable period from the time they noticed or should have noticed the defect.


6.8 For instructions on warranty returns, contact us at info@wing-ski.com. We will not reclaim unpaid parcels, cash on delivery parcels or credit shipments (returns or warranty repairs).


6.9 When a customer ships an item to Innon Oy, he or she is responsible for packaging the shipment properly. Using the original packaging and cushioning for returns ensures that the product will arrive to its destination intact. Innon Oy does not accept returned items if the consumer has failed to follow the packaging instructions (e.g. a fragile item has been shipped without providing appropriate cushioning). Innon Oy is responsible for the breaking of returned items caused by the delivery company.


6.10 We will charge the customer for any expenses caused by an unnecessary warranty return. A return is deemed unnecessary if the product is intact, if it has been used incorrectly or intentionally broken, if the warranty or return period has expired, or if the conditions for returning the item are otherwise not met. We will also charge for the costs not covered by a third-party warranty, such as an estimate for repairs.


6.11. We are not liable for any damage caused to third-party products.

  1. Other


7.1 In accordance with the Finnish Consumer Protection Act, buyers must notify the party granting the warranty of a defect within a reasonable period from the time they noticed or should have noticed the defect.


7.2. We recommend that any cancellation of a purchase be agreed on in writing (e.g. by e-mail or in a letter). If a transaction is cancelled by telephone, it may be difficult to check or verify this later.


7.3 The product images may appear different than the shipped items or display products not included in our selection (e.g. colour options).


7.4 Innon Oy is not responsible for the third-party websites and content that can be accessed via links on the Wing-Ski website or online ship.